You probably heard your dad say it when you first got a car…"get your oil changed every 3,000 miles if you want to get the most miles out of that engine." 

Motor oil has changed a lot and the 3,000 mile rule is a thing of the past, but your dad was still right. The best way to get some real longevity out of your engine is with regular, routine oil changes. 

Why Are Oil Changes So Important?

Oil change services and importance at Audi Minneapolis 
The friction between moving parts in an engine generates a tremendous amount of heat, as does the combustion process. A film of oil is a necessity to keep moving parts lubricated - without it, the engine would seize within minutes. Unfortunately, oil also becomes contaminated with carbon, microscopic particles of metal, water vapor and acids from the combustion process. The oil filter traps these contaminants, but when the filter's element is saturated the oil will start to break down and lose its lubricating ability. 

If left in the crankcase too long, old oil will start to degrade engine parts through excessive wear and sludge deposits will build up on assemblies like bearings and valvetrain components. 

Synthetic or Conventional?

After years of debate, research and real-world use, the jury is in: synthetic oil outperforms conventional oil in about every respect. Here's how: 

  • Synthetic oil won't thicken in cold weather or thin out in hot weather, unlike conventional oil. This is especially important at startup, when oil needs to move to the upper end of the engine quickly. 
  • Synthetic oil has greater shear strength at the molecular level, meaning the molecules can't be torn apart when under extreme pressure due to tight tolerances. 
  • Synthetic oil is free of paraffin-like impurities that can be found in conventional oil. 
  • Synthetic oil's additive packages of detergents and friction modifiers outperform conventional oil. 
  • Synthetic oil is more expensive per quart, but the extra cost is offset by a longer oil change interval of about 10,000 miles (check your owner's manual for manufacturer's recommendations). 

Manufacturers now specify synthetic oil for new vehicles, and often a low-viscosity oil that cuts internal friction and makes for a more efficient engine. Using a different oil can void a factory warranty. 

When it comes time for maintenance, make oil changes part of your regular routine. Set up an appointment with Audi Minneapolis for factory-certified service with genuine Audi parts! 

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